Mailan Dao


Hello, I am Mailan Dao, principal of ML Insurance Services. I am proud to represent the National Life Group1, a trade organization of financial companies established over 168 years ago, and whose reputation and track record are among the best in the global insurance industry. I concentrate on one of their best, exclusive financial product: the Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL).

I work with individuals and families all over the San Francisco Bay Area to custom tailor top rated plans for Term and Whole Life Insurance, Living Benefits, and Annuities for them. I consult, advise, answer questions, and work with my clients as they start out in life, throughout their careers, as they begin, grow their families, send their children to school and college, and all the way into their retirement years. I am an certified insurance agent for the entire state of California.

I am committed to providing superior, customized service to our insurance clients. I respond quickly to our customers and stay current in the insurance field by regularly attending educational seminars and professional conferences.

Get in touch with us today by sending in a contact form. I’ll be working with you soon after that to provide a personalized plan and quote, to get you started on a good financial foundation for you and your loved ones.

Mailan Dao

Financial and Insurance Services
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Take Charge

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At ML Insurance Services, we listen to your needs and determine the best possible insurance option to meet your personal or business goals. A personalized proposal will be provided and we will review all the details with you, answer all your question, until you feel confident with your selection.

Please contact us with any questions you might have. I will be in touch within 24 hours and discuss with you the particulars of your situation. Once we have secured additional information and an authorization from you, I will work up a proposal and quote for products that will be appropriate to you, and will present them to you. We can then schedule an appointment for me to meet with you to go over these items, answer additional questions, and we can take it from there.

Take charge of your financial peace of mind today.

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Living Benefits

Life Insurance You
Don’t Have To Die To Use

What we’re providing is not just insurance. It’s a much-needed, proven SOLUTION: A Life insurance with Living Benefits – “Life insurance you don’t have to die to use”. Those Living Benefits allow cash withdrawals from your policy when you need them the most – for example, to help fill the gaps a health insurance policy does not cover, especially non-medical expenses: mortgage, car, food, tuition, etc.

Die too soon, Live too long, or Get sick. Those are the main concerns of most people.

Other than securing financial protection for your loved ones after your death, there are other events that may cause major disruptions in the financial well-being of your family.

You may become terminally, or critically ill; you may become chronically ill; you could have a major accident, or an injury, which may physically disable you for a lengthy period of time.

Or there’s no health problem, and because health care advancements are keeping us living longer, you’re going to outlive the retirement income you’re getting from Social Security, pensions, investments, etc.

Or you may suddenly need a large amount of cash for a critical expense, such as college tuition for a family member.


All of the above events can be covered by Accelerated Benefit Riders (additional contracts, but at no additional cost to you), which are included in our Indexed Universal Life policies. These will allow you to accelerate up to 100% of your death benefit, without your family having to wait for your death in order to make use of the money that’s owed to you.

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